Bathe Butter

Bathe Butter



Introducing Bathe Butter Luxe Moisturizing Bath Milk that transports your bath tub to a exotic Oasis.  

A Bright, and intoxicating, Butter Beauty Bath Butter Smells' most iconic cult-rich scents . Wisps of delicate florals mingle with pot flowers and Egyptian amber, while notes of fresh Lavender  combine to create a much larger herbal bouquet.  

A warm and inviting, dreamy Apricot ,sparkling Royal Rose and Peach.  These New Bath Milks are  like masterfully paired jewels of decadence, unmistakable in any space! as it fills every available nook. 

The wildly powerful hint  of elegant Amber  it’s a no brainer this is a number one seller of our entire line of elegant scents!